Linda Hutchings, Founder/Lead Organizer

From the first unofficial FSMG, July 27th, 1997, on Linda’s porch in Glenside, PA, to fourteen years of nearly monthly wonderful events that have been hosted by her and many other generous FSMG members (see “Hosts” tab), Linda has been thrilled to meet and bring together so many kindred spirits from the greater Philadelphia metro area. A multilingual multicultural musician, teacher and world traveler, it has always been Linda ‘s vision to bridge gaps between: different ages, cultures, educational levels, political viewpoints, etc, and to build communities, to help people learn from and help themselves and each other through such connections. This spiritual, holistic, creative magnet organization is the embodiment of her life philosophy and her life has been greatly enriched by the music, meals and memories shared with so many interesting, kind people all these years. 

Howard Carson, Webmaster

A talented and diligent website designer and entrepreneur, Howard has gifted this organization with his web skills, keeping us connected and viable during challenging times. He has found many interesting links for our multicultural celebrations of different cultures, making this site, and its predecessor, www.fsmg.info, an educational resource and not just event info sites. Now his extensive knowledge will help us train ourselves and others to help make a much more extensive site that will serve more and allow FSMG to grow into its original vision to really make a difference in the world, through better connecting our many members and supporting them in individual and collective goals.



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