We are deeply grateful to all our past FSMG Hosts, including:

Chic Bach
Valundra Pollard
Dottie Gannotti
Robin Lohse
Lisa Wildman and Peter Sciano
Deev and John Murphy
Lorna Velardi
Rich Beardsley
Fred and Mary
David Brown
Shari & Seth Walter
Bill and Karen DeHaven
Cheryl Settember & Howard Carson
Linda Hutchings (first 6 years!)
Beth Rotondo-Hadrava (deceased 2011)
Mark T. Edwards (deceased 2009)
BIll Bowes (deceased, 200?)
St. Peter’s Church
Hosteling International-Nockamixon Park

Please help us honor everyone who has been gracious enough to welcome FSMG community into their homes: send a message to the webmaster at or use Contact Us section email to alert us to anyone we may have neglected to list!

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