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Welcome Back Everyone to a New Season of FSMG!

Hope you all had a great summer! FSMG (and I) took a break for lack of staff and hosts, but we are back
ready to launch into our 17th Fall! So many lives touched by all of you, all of us… 
In the hiatus, I got a much needed replacement roof and a new steam boiler for my house, sailed a lot on Lake Nockamixon and the Hudson River and built up my Shaklee Business (

What did you do? Leave a post to update and reconnect our growing community of kindred spirits.
And make a profile for yourself because our long awaited FSMG social network is coming soon…help welcome!

Look forward to seeing everyone tonite at our First Fall FSMG Gathering at Robin’s in Souderton TONITE!
CLICK on the EVENT Tab to see where! Please RSVP ASAP to as usual and register here at the registration tab on this site.  

Our September Theme celebrates the Fall Harvest…David Tirrell coined the term “Farmstand Frolic”
as he put it, “if you can buy it at a Farmstand then you can bring it here!”
ie fresh, raw or cooked vegetarian meals, with a comfort food or international cuisine flair, are our aim tonite.  

Introduce someone new to FSMG’s Mission, Website and tonite’s event and help them register and rsvp online to save time at the door! See you then!

:-) Linda Hutchings
Founder/Lead Organizer
866-532-5777 pager/voicemail 

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Thank You, Dottie 3/24/12!

Thank you, Dottie Gannotti, for hosting three months in a row, in your lovely, calming home! Along with your delicious veggie entrees and gracious hosting, we will especially remember you leaping on your furniture to get the best angle for photos and to put up decorations. 😉 

We shared wonderful multi-harmony singing to please the leprechauns…with newcomers Joan Manley and Phil Huber, and old timers Kenny Schmolze, songwriter Debbie Ansell, Lora Leland, and Linda Hutchings (me). A hearty welcome to first-timers including, sisters Diane Carroll and Lydia Bukowski, Maya Thornton and Mark Willard, Wendy and her friend. Welcome regulars included FSMG webmaster Howard Carson & FSMG hostess Cheryl Settember (our first official FSMG marriage!) and Lorna Velardi, another FSMG hostess, who joined us for the first time in years. Linda Diane Berger got the most out of our Irish Countryside footage and Maya got to share the produced version of the social-change song she wrote and had recorded. It’s always delightful when people attend this diverse event and meet people they know from seven other places: happens a lot here! 

We enjoyed pot licking-good potato soup, shephard’s pie, quinoa with mango & cilantro, pistachios, sushi, crudites, humous, chips & dips, vegetarian salads, fresh fruit bowl, organic juices, Cinch protein shakes and bars, and of course “a cuppa” hot teas…hey, not entirely Irish, but who cares?! Thanks, everyone for your generosity!

Special thanks go to Ed Taub for his generous donation of so many Trader Joe’s drinks and to David Tirrell for loading and unloading all the FSMG chairs and boxes, as well as all my paraphenalia at the end. If I have overlooked anyone, please accept my apologies and email us at We need and appreciate all teamwork.

Saturday, April 28, 2012, East Oak Lane, Philadelphia, PA, Hostess Judy Becker
See everyone at Judy’s on 4/28 our South Africa Freedom Day celebration!
RSVP to All info will be on the FSMG website.

Blessings…Linda and the FSMG Committee.

P.S. – Please post your favorite moments and messages here on our website too…

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NEXT GATHERING Saturday, March 24, 2012

∞ FSMG – Friends Saturday Monthly Gathering – Since 1997 ∞

March 2012 FSMG Gathering
All Styles Music Jam & Gourmet Irish Potluck

Saturday March 24, 2012
6:00pm to midnight

Willow Grove, PA
(Montgomery County)

Co-Hosted by:
FSMG Founder Linda Hutchings & 
Homeowner Dottie Gannotti
210 Krewson Terrace
Willow Grove, PA
(please carpool due to limited parking and economy environment)

Join us for Live Music, Gourmet International Potluck, Fellowship, Fun, Social and Business Networking in the Creative, Holistic Communities. This month’s Cultural Theme is IRISH. We will be honoring Irish People and Irish Culture and our local Shanachie’s Pub in Ambler, PA, which is closing its doors this month after years of great food and Irish seisun music. 

REGISTER once at & RSVP every time to
Please come, help and invite others!

FSMG community is co-creating a more unifying empowering spiritual foundation for the year going forward, and to get us all to think more deeply about what makes life work or not. Everyone please volunteer to do something to help us grow and serve more and more…We have had some amazing synergy and fun lately: Who will come this time? Who will help set up? Who will help us announce this? We have always been a cooperative organization and now are evolving with the times to an even more cooperative community, sharing our insights and talents. Be a conscious part of evolution back to deep values that perserve and enrich the quality of life for all.

See the Events page soon for details on the cultural theme and for directions.

Help is needed to do timely updates: volunteer and you will gain free web design training you can use! 

Suggested Donation: $5 requested from everyone to offset costs of supplies, website, advertising, training. Bring: a potluck dish (on theme always appreciated), musical instruments & sheet music, and your good friends and family!


Co-Hostess Dottie Gannotti is a three-time FSMG hostess with a beautiful, calm, inviting home! She has been known to climb on her furniture to get great shots of past FSMG events. She was also a friend of my dear friend and former FSMG hostess, the late Beth Rotondo. Some of you both met Dottie at Beth’s house at a December FSMG in Oaks years ago. Friends of Beth’s, please make a special effort to attend this special event designed to draw kindred spirits together now to keep that beautiful holistic circle, and this one, strong and connected in the coming months and years. Invite anyone else you think would enjoy being included and connected. Outside FSMG, Dottie is is a holistic practionner, a fellow spiritual seeker. and has a home business brokering electricity.

Co-Hostess Linda Hutchings is the Founder and Lead Organizer of FSMG, the Friends Saturday Monthly Gathering. FSMG is an intentional community founded in 1997 to bring together kindred spirits from multiple creative, holistic and spiritual circles that better the world, and are better together. Please help us extend our invitation to the many people you love and respect who might value what we value and offer. Outside FSMG, Linda is a singer, songwriter, musician, and a full time holistic health and wellness counselor. She teaches people to switch to sustainably-produced healthy, green, safe products to optimize health, and to develop home businesses teaching others to do the same:





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Our New FSMG Website

FSMG Board is now developing this great WordPress-powered website to help the FSMG Community grow and thrive. Everyone please register using the “Registration” tab above to save us from having to manually enter your info. This is an amazing community … Continue reading

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August FSMG

Hurricane Irene is headed our way, and because of safety concerns related to the impending storm, it has been decided to cancel the FSMG that we had planned for Saturday, August 27 and to reschedule it for Saturday, September 10. … Continue reading

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Hello FSMG Members, Board Members, Friends and Families!

Welcome to FSMG’s new improved website My birthday present to myself and the entire big beautiful 13 year old FSMG community of kindred creative spirits! Stay tuned while we get this up and running…please offer your help and you … Continue reading

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