Thank You, Dottie 3/24/12!

Thank you, Dottie Gannotti, for hosting three months in a row, in your lovely, calming home! Along with your delicious veggie entrees and gracious hosting, we will especially remember you leaping on your furniture to get the best angle for photos and to put up decorations. ūüėȬ†

We shared wonderful multi-harmony singing to please the leprechauns…with newcomers Joan Manley and Phil Huber, and old timers Kenny Schmolze, songwriter Debbie Ansell, Lora Leland, and Linda Hutchings (me). A hearty welcome to first-timers including, sisters Diane Carroll and¬†Lydia Bukowski, Maya Thornton and Mark Willard, Wendy and her friend.¬†Welcome regulars included FSMG webmaster Howard Carson & FSMG hostess Cheryl Settember (our first official FSMG marriage!) and Lorna Velardi, another FSMG hostess, who joined us for the first time in years. Linda Diane Berger got the most out of our Irish Countryside footage and Maya got to share the produced version of the social-change song she wrote and had recorded.¬†It’s always delightful when people attend this diverse event and meet people they know from seven other places: happens a lot here!¬†

We enjoyed pot licking-good potato soup, shephard’s pie, quinoa with mango & cilantro, pistachios, sushi, crudites, humous, chips & dips, vegetarian salads, fresh fruit bowl, organic juices, Cinch protein shakes and bars, and of course¬†“a cuppa” hot teas…hey, not entirely Irish, but who cares?!¬†Thanks, everyone for your generosity!

Special thanks go to Ed Taub for his generous donation of so many Trader Joe’s drinks and to David Tirrell for loading and unloading all the FSMG chairs and boxes, as well as all my paraphenalia at the end. If I have overlooked anyone, please accept my apologies and email us at We need and appreciate all teamwork.

Saturday, April 28, 2012, East Oak Lane, Philadelphia, PA, Hostess Judy Becker
See everyone at Judy’s on 4/28 our South Africa Freedom Day celebration!
RSVP to All info will be on the FSMG website.

Blessings…Linda and the FSMG Committee.

P.S. – Please post your favorite moments and messages here on our website too…


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