To create a welcoming, wholesome space for monthly fellowship, food and fun; free of smoke, alcohol and drugs, but full of a delightful smorgasbord of homemade food and abundant joyful creative expressions of the best life has to offer!

These Community Gatherings, held since 1997, are based on valued principles beyond the usual definition of “party” – FSMG members and guests are asked to help us practice and promote these principles:

  • Simplicity & Natural Ways of Creating Happiness
  • Cooperative Community Building & Professional Talent-Sharing
  • Personal Spiritual Growth & Creative Empowerment
  • Intercultural Awareness and Appreciation
  • Inter-generational Interaction & Mentoring
  • Peaceful Coexistence & Interpersonal Respect
  • Healthy Eating & Environmental Conservation

The music ranges from gentle folk, pop, jazz, blues, and singalongs to original songwriting, experimental intercultural jams and candlelit drumming circles with improvised percussion/drums. The art activities range from origami to cooperative gingerbread house-making, and other theme crafts relative to our Mission. The people range from seasoned professional performers to timid beginners or music appreciators, and range in age from toddlers and teens to elders. Well-behaved children under 18 are very welcome, but must be in the company of the parent or designated adult at all times and be familiar with these guidelines/principles of cooperation and fair play. Whoever comes and whatever we wind up doing, amazing synergy always results!

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